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Using Thought Leadership to Influence Human Service Policy | Nicole Truhe

Using Thought Leadership to influence policy.

Thought Leadership and Looking Forward in Healthcare Trends

An interview with Nicole Truhe about using thought leadership at United Health to better health care practices.

Today’s guest is Nicole Truhe, Director of Thought Leadership at United Health Care Community and State. Nicole sits down with Peter to discuss how she uses her position to educate the space about emerging health and human services policy.  We discuss the different effects of internal vs. external thought leadership. Why her position isn’t part of the marketing team and why the number of followers isn’t as important as who your followers are.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How you can use thought leadership to influence policy in your space.
  • Why building a network of thought leadership is important for your own message.
  • What stats are truly important to the growth of your thought leadership on social media.

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