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Three Traits of Successful Thought Leaders

Hi, this is Peter Winick from Thought Leadership Leverage and I wanted to share with you today 3 traits that I’ve observed from successful authors, and thought leaders around the world. They’re clarity, confidence, and commitment. Let me go through each of those one at a time.

Clarity: They have the ability to articulate, in whatever means that they’re communicating with, with the level of clarity that’s just beautiful, just powerful. They can take the complex and make it simple, they can tell you why their work does what it’s supposed to do. We live in a world where information is just coming at us at a thousand miles an hour from every direction, every format, every medium, and people really appreciate clarity.

Confidence is the second piece. A true expert that’s passionate about what they do, that’s good at what they do, that does that for a living, has a sense of confidence based on that experiences, that’s based on that passion, that’s based on that commitment, and based on sharing the work they do with others.

And the third, which is probably universal to successful people around the world, is commitment. They’re committed to making their stuff, and their presentations, and their work, phenomenal and fantastic. They’re committed to making it about the person reading it, or consuming it, or the person in the audience—not about themselves. They’re committed to changing it and tweaking it and adjusting it. Committed to going all over the world if they need to and getting that message out there.

Clarity, confidence, commitment. If you can boost up your levels in these places it’s going to help you on your road to being a successful thought leader and author. Thank you.

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Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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