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Who Thought Leadership Leverage Works With

So talk a little bit about who we work with. So we work with authors. We work with academics. Any academics here? I heard education earlier in the corner. Any academics? Cool. Okay. Vegas. Whatever. Patricia got that! Yeah we’re not in Berkeley. Speakers? We got a lot of speakers. Right? Any CEOs here? I know there’s a bunch of people running various businesses. So the use of content and thought leadership as a marketing tool is the most cost effective way to market most businesses most of the time today. Not all. You know. And not for everybody. It’s probably not gonna help GM sell a mediocre product. But for most of us today, typically in the agency world, professional services world, the guy that was up here before in mortgage and stuff. He’s using content as a differentiator in a commoditized business. Right? What a great way. He’s got people literally walking into his office wanting to buy mortgages. It’s usually not how it works. It’s usually a commodity business that is marketed, etc. We work with consulting firms. Any consulting firms here? Okay. Cool. So consulting, like everything else, and by the way I’m a consultant. Right. Is being commoditized. Right. Whatever you do, there’s twenty other people that do etc, etc…using thought leadership as a way to get out there and differentiate and show that you’re bigger. I think the playing field gets leveled through thought leadership for professional services and consulting firms. Because you could be as smart as Accenture, Deloitte, whoever the big boys are, you cannot out spend them, you cannot out resource them, you cannot compete with them on reach. But you can compete with them on smarts, if you have a proper distribution for your content. And I think that’s the way you win business from a consulting perspective. And the bottom line is people that want to make money with their content.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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