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Accountability and Thought Leadership | Vince Molinaro

 Accountability and Thought Leadership| Vince Molinaro

Building accountability for leaders with thought leadership.

An interview with Vince Molinaro about developing accountability and scaling content to new markets.

Today’s guest is Vince Molinaro, founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc., former Managing Director – Leadership Solutions at Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, author of the best-selling books, The Leadership Contract and Accountable Leaders.

Vince shares his experience working at Knightsbridge helping to establish the brand and creating differentiated intellectual property.  We explore how the new knowledge he created was used to help grow the business and expand from Canada into the US market.

Vince shares how different selling thought leadership can be from other products. Also, he speaks about the difficulties sales teams can have with selling thought leadership. In addition, Vince discusses the methods he has used to bring the marketing and sales team together to create a more effective pipeline.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders can use writing articles and creating other content to help establish their brand.
  • Targeting areas with a similar culture can help thought leaders take their content across borders and into new markets.
  • Thought leaders should have their sales team take the program they are having them sell to ensure they fully understand the product they are selling.

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