Aha-Moments in Thought Leadership | Org TL Minute


One day, Archimedes of Syracuse had a really tough problem to solve. How could he prove that the king’s crown was not pure gold, like the gold smith claimed. The answer came to him one day while he was sitting in his bath. Legend says he leapt from the bath; ran down the street, streaking; and shouted “Eureka!” (I have it).

Aha moments are moments of pure dopamine-fueled joy. Pieces click into place. What was cloudy becomes clear. And like Archimedes, you say, “now I see it!”

Here’s the challenge when you practice thought leadership. Instead of seeking these aha-moments for yourself, you’re looking to create aha-moments within your target audience. So that when they encounter your idea, they have a flash of insight, and they see the world differently.

It’s not the thought leader’s aha-moments, it’s about your audience’s aha- moments.

Trigger those moments of insights within your audience, and your idea will surely reach scale.

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