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Thought Leadership Needs a Human Voice | Org TL Minute


Thought leadership needs to have a personal touch. It can’t be simply put out underneath the corporate logo and blasted out like a press release.

Thought leadership needs a human voice.

Your prospects and your buyers: they want to know how people at your organization think; they want to know you are and how you see the world;

They want to know can trust you to help them make smart decisions.

Content marketing, I think, works well with broadcasting strategies.

But thought leadership is different. It’s about narrowcasting to your audience.

So that they feel that you’re in the room talking to them personally about their challenges, their concerns, and their opportunities. I often describe thought leadership as a coffeeshop conversation. You invite someone to join you. You listen to each other, you exchange ideas, and then, at the end of the conversation, you walk away a bit wiser, and open to new ideas.

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