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An Authentic Voice in Thought Leadership | Simon Leslie

Authentic Thought Leadership | Simon Leslie

Using an authentic voice in your thought leadership

An interview with Simon Leslie about how publishing a book has changed his business.

Today’s guest is Simon Leslie, CEO and Founder of Ink Global and the author of There is no F in Sales. Ink Global delivers print magazines for airlines; an industry many thought obsolete, yet Simon leads his company to grow year after year.  Join us as Simon shares why he wrote his book: There is no F in Sales, which highlights the struggles and successes of his career. Learn why having a published book has personally changed Simon, how he views business, and what opportunities are on the table now that he is an author.

Four Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How you can gain confidence in your thought leadership from publishing a book.
  • Why thought leaders need to think long term and not just about the next quarter.
  • Why you need to understand the contract you sign in order to get the full potential of putting your thought leadership into a book.
  • When is the right time to put your thought leadership into a book?

Simon revealed his authentic voice through his thought leadership and brought out his ideas within his book.  As a result, his book has been a vehicle to open doors all around him. You can do this with your book! Reach out to Thought Leadership Leverage and we can help you with a book launch strategy or even a book campaign to bring your ideas to the world.


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