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Bad Assumptions in Thought Leadership

So it’s going to touch on some other bad assumptions. So have any of you heard this one. So I speak 50 times a year there’s 300 people in the audience, it’s 15,000 people. 30%, 25% will buy my stuff. Anybody ever worked off of that assumption? Okay. I’ve heard that some might have. Right. There’s different types of audiences. And I think people don’t, sometimes, don’t understand this. Most audiences are hostages. Right? So if I work at Citibank and on you know three weeks from Tuesday there is a conference that somebody’s speaking at that is a hostage. I didn’t volunteer to be there. No, I may be a fan of that person. I may enjoy their work. But I’m not going there with my money. I have no free will. In an open enrollment event, in an event like this, or an event like a grant event. Those are people that have opted in with their own dollars, their own time, and their own energy. Those markets convert at 25 to 35%. The B2B market it’s 2 to 3%. So if you went into a market based on the assumption of 30% of the people are gonna buy my stuff, when in reality it’s 2 or 3 percent, that’s a bad outcome.

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