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Best of 2021 | Organizational Thought Leadership | Jayshree Seth, Jeff Kavanaugh, Melanie Huet, and Thomas Kolditz

Best of 2021 - Organizational Thought Leadership

Clips from interviews with Jayshree Seth, Jeff Kavanaugh, Melanie Huet, and Thomas Kolditz.

Over the holidays, we took a look back at the conversations that have stood out from 2021. We were honored to speak with some amazing thought leadership practitioners, but a few really stood out, and we wanted to share them again:

Jayshree Seth, Chief Science Advocate at 3M, shares the way she is turning the scientific methods and processes used in the lab to also promote science advocacy. She talks about how to create a clear picture of goals, raise awareness, and break down the barriers and boundaries that impede scientific progress.

Jeff Kavanaugh is the Global Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute, the research and thought leadership arm of the Infosys diversified technology and digital firm. Jeff helps us understand the idea of “Quantum Organization,” his method of doing many things at once, and challenges us to see how even small changes can bring about drastic impact.

Melanie Huet is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Serta Simmons Bedding. She provides critical insights about using modern marketing tools like TikTok to elevate awareness and spark conversations, and the challenges of transforming a long-established brand into a modern must-have.

Thomas Kolditz is the author of Leadership Reckoning and Director of The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University. Thomas shares The Institute’s two-fold mission: to create a powerful and widely available leader development experience, and to improve the quality of leader development in higher education everywhere.

These were inspirational guests, with meaningful messages. We’re thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on them once more, and wish all of you the very best in 2022!

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