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Spiritual Thought Leadership | Kristoffer “KC” Carter

Spiritual Thought Leadership | Kristoffer "KC" Carter

Incorporating spirituality into coaching and thought leadership

An interview with Kristoffer “KC” Carter about elevating individuals and organizations through leadership and epic spirituality.

What role can yoga and meditation play in the business world? Can leaders use these unconventional methods as an epic spiritual guide? How do you use empowering techniques to coach executives and corporations toward greater success?

Today our guest is  Kristoffer “KC” Carter, author of Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, which outlines the first of four permissions that will create a long-term framework for Kristofer’s works. He’s the author of Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, as well as an international speaker and retreat leader who teaches at the intersection of consciousness and business.

We begin our conversation by exploring what KC means by “spiritual leader,” and how meditation connects to business and thought leadership. Techniques like yoga and Transcendental Meditation are being used by high-profile CEOs around the world, and KC’s methods bring those insights into the business world.

KC discusses the ways that spirituality and meditation are critical to business leadership, and how he’s pushing past the barriers of skepticism to bring deep insights to leaders from the Fortune 100 as well as newly-minted start-ups. He uses mindset to help leaders find clarity, and commit to the things that energize, inspire, and ignite them.

KC’s deep knowledge of instructional design is being put to good use, creating a strong thought leadership IP that is teachable, and requires only 15 minutes a day for leaders to change their lives. He shares details on his coaching certification program, allowing others to manage relationships within their organization and take back control of their lives.

If you are curious about how spiritually can give your business a boost, KC’s insights and thought leadership are a great place to start. Listen in, and it might just make your life epic, too!

Three Key Takeaways:
  • Help organizations justify the expense of bringing in your thought leadership by providing benchmarks, methods for measuring success, and hard data to back up your content.
  • Creating a program of certified coaches to deliver your Thought Leadership is a great way to take your message to scale.
  • Without proper instructional design, your thought leadership programs could feel like nothing more than speaking notes. Take some time, and prepare for success!

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