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Best of 2021 | Thought Leadership Podcast Guests

Best of 2021 - Episode 365

A compilation of some of our best guests in 2021.

Clips from interviews with Doug Conant, John Warrillow, Lisa Bodell, and Tom Schwab.

It has become a tradition to start the new year off with a look back at a few of the great episodes and most inspiring guests of our previous year’s podcast. For 2021, we hope you’ll enjoy great advice from:

Doug Conant, best-selling author of The Blueprint and CEO of Conant Leadership. Doug shares insights about balancing his time as a thought leader and a CEO, and ways to make time for self-reflection. It’s important to ensure that the things which matter most are never forgotten in the press of less-important burdens.

John Warrillow is the Founder of the Value Builder System and Best-selling author of Built to Sell. John talks about the best parts of coaching, and opens up about the psychology of selling to entrepreneurs vs. enterprise, and the need to find the niche that works best for you.

Lisa Bodell is the CEO of FutureThink and author of the best-selling book Kill the Company. In our conversation, we explore the meaning of her term “futurist,” and how Lisa found a way to guide people to their potential and teach change through a structured format.

Tom Schwab is the founder of Interview Valet and the author of PODCAST GUEST PROFITS. Tom sheds light on proper etiquette as a podcast guest, and talks about ways to turn guest speaking on an episode into a relationship that can help you attract and keep engaged customers.

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