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Compassionate Thought Leadership | Scott Shute

Compassionate Thought Leadership | Scott Shute

Adding compassionate passion and wellness to thought leadership.

An interview with Scott Shute about introducing a compassionate mindset to Linkedin.

Today’s guest is Scott Shute, the Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at Linkedin and the author of new release book The Full Body Yes.

Compassion is the #1 thing you can do to be successful in business and life. This philosophy is something Scott shared with the CEO of Linkedin.  Scott used his history in customer service combined with his passion for wellness to create a position which introduced mainstream mindfulness and operationalized compassion to the company.

Scott explains how internal compassion involves a change from me to we thinking. If employers care about their employees, they need to have the tools and system in place to care for their mental well-being. This is similar to a gym that maintains and helps grow physical well-being.

Next. we discuss Scott’s recent book, The Full Body Yes. He explains how it benefits not only himself but those he works with at LinkedIn.

Finally, Scott suggests you find a way to introduce and practice compassion within your company.  And if your organization is not be receptive, perhaps you need to find somewhere else that will embrace that passion.

This episode is a treasure trove of information about adding a gym of compassion and wellness to your company. So, grab your passion and start lifting up those around you!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview
  • Having a real human element of compassion to your thought leadership can help you connect with clients in a deep and meaningful way.
  • Thought leadership bringing compassion to an organization needs to define how to care for employees while still meeting the demands of the job.
  • If you care about your employees, find ways to introduce thought leadership to care for the mental well-being of your employees.

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