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Converting Speaker Clients to Convert to Online

Okay. So I work with a speaker. He speaks a lot on a really popular topic. And we have we have a real hard problem getting our speaker clients to convert to online.

Good. So let’s talk about that. So there’s lots of reasons for that but I’ll throw out a couple pieces. And can we give Shep a shoutout? So she’s working with Shep. Shep. Do anybody know Shep? If you haven’t seen him speak, he’s awesome. So shout out to Shep.

So one thing would be who is the buyer of a speech? Literally. Right. So you have to figure out there are many buyers of a speech. In some instances, it’s someone that’s just involved in that event. And their job is we’re doing our annual off-site in January in Scottsdale and I’ve got the whole team together for three days and that events got to kill it. Now that might not be the person has any responsibility or any budgetary control over professional development. So part of it is to ask in the buying process because speaking by its very nature and this isn’t a judgment is transactional. Right? So they call you up and say, “Is he available?” “Yes.” “Okay.” “Cool. What’s his fee? Yes, we have the budget. We’ve seen his stuff. We love it.” and maybe we get on a call of them closed. Right? It’s a fairly simple process. Selling complex. And we’ll get into this in a moment. You know, training solutions it probably isn’t the same buyer. And you need to be able to get to them. There’s this magical time period when you’re a speaker a week, two, three weeks before the event where they’ll do anything you’d like for them to do in preparation for the event. There’s this horrible period of being a speaker of a week, a month, two months after the event where they don’t want to talk to you. So the trick is to tee it up early.

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