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The Cost of Publishing Thought Leadership | Bea Wray

The cost of publishing thought leadership | Bea Wray

The costs and rewards of publishing your thought leadership in a business book.

An interview with Bea Wray about her upcoming book, the costs of publishing and best practices to ensure you find success.

Today’s guest is Bea Wray! Bea has been a speaker for 20 years on the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, and women in business. She is the co-founder of the Millennial Women Network and author of the upcoming book What an MBA Taught Me…: But My Kids Made Me Learn which is available for pre-order!

Bea and Peter dig deep to explore the questions many business authors never ask themselves and why 1/3 of authors writing business books never actually finish them. Bea tells us the Who, What, and Why questions you need to ask before you put pen to paper. Plus, we examine not only the financial cost of publishing a book but the opportunity cost which many overlook.

Don’t miss this incredibly insightful conversation for anyone looking to publish a business book from two people with a ton of real-life experience on the topics.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • What questions thought leaders should be asking themselves before starting a book.
  • How can thought leaders figure out the real cost of a book and what can you expect as a return on that investment?
  • What thought leaders can expect from publishers and how to ensure the long term success of your book.

If you’re trying to write or publish a book and need help with various aspects of the process, contact Thought Leadership Leverage.  Also, we can help you understand the rewards and costs of publishing thought leadership as well as devise a strategy to get your book published and into the hands of the right people.

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