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Thought Leadership for Long Term Sales | William Leahy and Morten Fløe Knudsen

Thought Leadership for long term sales| William Leahy and Morten Fløe Knudsen

Using thought leadership to support the sales pipe for the long term.

An interview with William Leahy and Morten Fløe Knudsen about using thought leadership to remain in the mind of client and consumers within an industry that is focused on long buying cycles.

Today, we have two guests from FLSmidth, a company that provides global cement and mining industries with factories, machinery, services, and know how.  William Leahy is a Senior Marketing Manager of Content, Thought Leadership and Positioning as well as overseeing thought leadership for the mining industry. Morten Fløe Knudsen leads Thought Leadership Communication for the cement industry.

Together William and Morten explain how they use thought leadership to carry on conversations with their audience to make their brand known as the go-to people for an industry with longer buying cycles. They share how FLSmidth is focused on sustainability, knowledge sharing, and how digitization plays a big role in making scarce resources go further than ever before. They explain how digitization has created solutions in the mining business during Covid-19.

In this episode, William and Morten give invaluable advice for any thought leader who works in an industry with a sales cycle that measures in years, not months or weeks.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How thought leadership can be used to influence long sales cycles and keep you relevant.
  • Why digitization is playing a big part of their thought leadership.
  • What audience and issues thought leaders need to keep in mind when dealing with long sales cycles.

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