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Demystifying ghostwriters and their work in publishing | Jesse Finkelstein & Dan Gerstein

Podcast 401 – Jesse Finkelstein & Dan Gerstein

Understanding what ghostwriters do and investigating the various options for publishing.

An interview with Jesse Finkelstein & Dan Gerstein that originally aired on October 21st, 2021 as part of Leveraging Thought Leadership Live on LinkedIn.

Working with a ghostwriter can be confusing and complex. In this episode, we are joined by an expert in each of these fields, to help thought leadership practitioners get a better grasp of the possibilities.

Dan Gerstein is the founder and CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters, where he uses his talents to connect authors with speakers looking for help, focusing on matching both people’s needs and personality.

Jesse Finkelstein is the co-founder and Principal of Page Two, a publishing agency helping non-fiction authors navigate the full range of options while providing high-level support for a wide variety of organizational publishing activities.

We start the conversation by discussing the concept of ghostwriting, and the tasks available to those who perform that function. Dan helps us understand that ghostwriters can write every word of a book, or work as a developmental editor— or anything in between! All the while, their duty is to maintain focus on the expertise, reputation, and authority of the client.

With a firm grasp of the writer in hand, we move to the publishing side. Jesse clarifies the mysterious business of publishing. We learn about the various methods of publishing, the  need for an established platform, and why authors want to retain the rights to their book — as they do with their other intellectual property.

This episode takes us from page to print and everything in between!

Three Key Takeaways:
  • It’s easier than ever to publish a thought leadership book, the task a ghostwriter can help you accomplish is standing out and making an impact.
  • Before starting a thought leadership book, you need to know your unique value proposition and how it fits into the world.
  • Publishers look at more than the content of your book. They want to see that you have a strategy, and that the book aligns with your larger business model.

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