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Developing Speakers for Thought Leadership | Elizabeth Bachman

Developing speakers for Thought Leadership | Elizabeth Bachman

Building up speakers within organizations to deliver thought leadership.

An interview with Elizabeth Bachman about helping speakers find their voice and vision.

Today’s guest is Elizabeth Bachman, Presentation Skills Trainer at Strategic Speaking for Results, host of Speakers Who Get Results podcast, and former founder and artistic director of the Tyrolean Opera Program.

Elizabeth shares how she helps professionals find their voice, get on the stage and elevate their profile within their organization. We discuss building credibility, overcoming stage fright, and ways to find opportunities to get on the stage.

Elizabeth discusses how her incredible talents as an opera director have allowed her to shape the way an audience takes in what speakers are sending out.  Also, she explains how you can tailor your message to the different audiences without having to change the meaning of your content.

We wrap up the conversation talking about Elizabeth’s passion for working with women to break the gender stereotypes that exist.  In addition, she shares valuable advice for women looking to break into the speaking scene and why allies could be the difference-maker.

The advice in this episode can take young speakers out from behind their computer to the stage and beyond!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • If you want to be recognized for your thought leadership, you have to stand up and be noticed.
  • Having a poor speaking engagement isn’t the end of your thought leadership. It is simply a moment to learn, go back to the basics, and continue to practice.
  • Thought leaders should seek allies who believe in you to keep you going when you doubt yourself.

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