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Do You Have a Asset Inventory?

So this is a big one. When I work with my clients, I want to get an inventory of your resources. And I’m not talking about financial. Most of you underestimate the value the relationships that you have with current, former, existing clients, and friends. That if you get really crisp and sharp about how they can help you, and you ask them, they will help you. So when you launch a book and someone goes “Hey that’s great! Let me know what I can do.”  Right. Let me know what I can do is Peter, I know you know so and so can you get three copies of my book into their hands that are signed and ask them to read it and do a blog post on it? Well that’s pretty specific. But yeah, I kind of like you so sure I’ll do that. Right?

So get specific!

Think of them in a sort of self serving way. What might they do for me? Because most of us want the people we like to be successful. Unless they are not nice people. But I’ve got a lot to do. If you’re going to tell me something like hey good luck with the book. Great! Give me something specific that can I do, that’s within my wheelhouse, that isn’t a lot of effort. I’ll do it for you.

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