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How Often Should You Write a Business Book?

Here is the exact formula for how often you should write a book. As least as possible. Right. How many of you have seen what I call it book-a-ria. They’ve written book one and two and they’ve already got the next nine laid out. What are you doing? So from each book you should have in your mind, a content roadmap that comes out of them. In terms of, it could be sort of the same content that comes out of the book but these are services and offerings to different markets. And how you want to penetrate those markets. And how you want to to get it out there. And what the right cadence is. There used to be sort of an eighteen month rule for books.

Every eighteen months doesn’t really exist any more.

The other piece is don’t keep everything a secret. If you’re thinking about writing a book on X, first of all, get blog posts out there to test the market to see if anybody cares about that. See if it resonates. And then, listen to the market. Don’t create in isolation. I had a client who wrote a six hundred page book on change while he was the COO of a company going pubic and I said to him, “Tom, who influenced your thinking on change?” and he said, “I didn’t want to read anything else. I just wanted to go at it from scratch.” And then he was a little depressed when I told him, “Well, 90% of your ideas are not particularly unique. I mean this come from this and this comes from that.”

Know what’s out there!

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