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How to Embed Yourself Into Client Organizations

So what I see a lot on the keynote side is your a keynoter and you’re doing your 30 to 50 keynotes a year. And you’re not going to get me. Clients love you and you just know your hitting it. But the C levels at the organization are going, “Well that’s entertainment. You bring them in for the annual ‘Ra Ra’ thing.” When you go back to those clients, and I do this all the time with my clients. I go back to the clients that love the most and I say, “Hey, remember when we only came in one flavor? We now have an enterprise wide solution that can drive behaviors across the organization.” They lean in and go, “Wow! Tell me more.” So a lot of times what your clients are doing, particularly the bigger ones, they’re sniffing you out and going “Wow! Really sharp dude. We’ll bring him in for this for a day and just rent his brain. But we can’t really do anything with his stuff. We’ve got to go back to Blanchard and get training or we’ve got to go back to Richardson.” You know what I mean. So showing them and communicating really loudly and clearly that you can scale and go across an organization, if they are loving you already, that’s a big thing.

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