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Fierce Thought Leadership | Susan Scott

Fierce Thought Leadership | Susan Scott

Learning to have fierce conversations to build trust and relationships.

An interview with Susan Scott about what it means to have fierce conversations and be fierce as a leader.

Today’s guest is Susan Scott, the founder of Fierce, a TedX speaker, and author of best-selling books Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership.

Most people understand the importance of having good conversations but most are unaware of how lousy they actually are at having them. Susan talks about how her system to have fierce conversations facilitates increased productivity, problem solving, and builds relationships and trust.

Susan shares how she codified her content to make it teachable. She discusses why the content must have consistent outcomes regardless whether it’s taught by an internal or external facilitator.

During the pandemic, Susan has achieved unprecedented digital innovation!  Then, she explains how her team developed a client facing app. Her team has also created realistic 3d simulations that can be customized to specific scenarios. Soon, a digital version of the training will be available that does not require a facilitator.

If you struggle to have real conversations and productive meetings this episode might be the eye opener you need.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • Thought Leaders need to ensure their conversations are impactful. The topic, the manner it is discussed, and who is invited to the conversation can all affect the outcome for better or worse.
  • When creating thought leadership, consider that organizations might want you to train their trainers and not have you send in a facilitator.
  • Being able to scale your thought leadership to a digital platform is a must.

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