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Following Up with a Potential Buyer

I get interest from like publications or website wanting things and then it falls off. Right. I follow up. I have to do a deal again. Right. This is why we’re setting up calls. And we having been doing this. Like cool what do I do? And I also weed out the ‘this is not me pursuing them’ this is like ‘them reaching out to me’ and for whatever reason it goes away. And that’s…should I be pursuing them more aggressive or?

Sure. So assuming that the follow up is real. I’m not saying you’re not doing it but sometimes people say follow up what does that mean? Well, every third Tuesday of every other month I respond to email. Follow up means like then, timely manner. You just left a gig, on the plane ride home we’ve got the stack of cards of the people that loved you. They’re not gonna fall deeper in love in three weeks. Right? So now is now. But to your point, many decisions are made by groups, by committees, whatever. And there is this energy that happens after a keynote. Somebody will already do the sun, the moon and stars and we’ll live happily ever after. Give them the app. So you gotta find out who else is coming. Nobody hate the decision maker. Nobody’s gonna saying I’m not the decision maker. So ask me who’s involved in making this decision? How does this get funded? How does this happen? What is the process? Is it a cycle? And then if you having a couple of good calls and it starts to go cold, give them the opportunity to shut you down. So listen, apparently this isn’t going anywhere I don’t want to harp on it you. You know like, so should we just part friends now or would it be better if I reached out six months or whatever. It sort of this ghosting thing.

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