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Heretical Thought Leadership | Justin Foster

Going against the grain of traditional thinking.

An interview with Justin Foster about drawing attention to your thought leadership, thinking outside the box and committing to the format, you have a passion for.

Today’s guest is Justin Foster, the author of Oatmeal vs Bacon and co-author of Rooting Up.  He is a speaker consultant and co-founder of Root + River a practice that specializes in branding for defiant leaders.

Justin shares his path to thought leadership and the tricks he learned along the way, including a brilliant method for how to get in front of potential clients when they won’t answer the phone for a sales call.

Breaking through the noise to have your voice heard amongst an abundance of other consultants is tough enough. So, how do you get heard without coming across annoying or worse like a jerk? Justin tells us how conviction and originality can be the key!

Finally, we discuss methods of generating content. We reveal the pros and cons of going with the method you are comfortable with versus the method that your audience might expect from you.

This episode is filled with a ton of TLPM (Thought Leadership per Minute) so grab a pen and take notes!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview
  • Being an expert in your clients business is just as important as being an expert in thought leadership you look to delivery to the client.
  • Your thought leadership cannot afford to be bland. You have to have an original take on an idea and the conviction to stand by it.
  • It’s okay if your thought leadership is heretical or counter-intuitive, so long as you can prove and defend your content.

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