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Thought Leadership Video Production | Stephen G. Pope

How to get the most out of your thought leadership videos.

An interview with Stephen G. Pope about best practices for creating video content, hitting the right audience, and retooling videos for other mediums.

Today’s guest is Stephen G. Pope. He is the founder and CEO of SGP Labs, a creative marketing, media, and technology company with the goal of helping others grow their business faster.

Creating video is as easy as hitting the record button, but once that is done what do you do with it?  Stephen shares the importance of having a solid process in place that makes for an easy workflow for everyone involved in it.

Thought Leadership Video Production

Stephen talks about how you can take existing video content such as zoom calls and repurposes them into shorter video clips for social media, transcribe them for consumption on your website, and even convert them into other blog posts to create a deep pool of content suitable for any platform.

If you are thinking about adding video to your thought leadership arsenal, this episode is just what you need to turn that unused potential into a new content library!

Three Key Takeaways

  • When creating thought leadership videos, you should be mindful to highlight what your company is doing. Remember to show what value you bring to the table.
  • Thought leadership videos are a great way for people to meet you and remember your name.
  • Don’t let a thought leadership video stay in that one format. Reuse it in smaller clips, transcripts, or slide decks.

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