Hosting versus Being a Guest on Thought Leadership Podcasts | Tom Schwab

Hosting versus Being a Guest on Thought Leadership Podcasts | Tom Schwab

Thought Leader Podcast Hosting and Guesting

An interview with Tom Schwab about the pros of starting your own podcast and being a guest on others.

Tom Schwab is the Chief Evangelist Officer and Founder of Interview Valet. The company helps hosts find great guests for their podcast. Tom is also the author of PODCAST GUEST PROFIT. The book offers step-by-step systems for taking your podcast from obscure to acclaimed!

With more than 2.1 million podcasts out there, you are probably curious as to how to get yours heard. Tom reveals strategies for getting the most out of your podcast. He points out how to hit the right audience, and why big numbers don’t need to be a priority.

In addition, we discuss the pros of being a guest on the bevy of podcasts that exist. Tom explains why you should try being a guest 20 or 30 times before starting your own. Then, he breaks down why being a guest might be better for some people. Sometimes it is more beneficial than putting in the time and money to become a host of your own show.

If you chose to be a guest, you’ll want to hear the advice Tom has for ensuring you maximize the potential of your appearance. Tom compares being a podcast guest to being invited to the host’s home for dinner.

If you have a podcast, this episode will help you reach new heights. If you want to be a guest it will make sure you don’t arrive empty-handed.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview
  • When producing a thought leadership podcast, hitting the right audience is more important than hitting a large audience.
  • If you are going to be a guest on a thought leadership podcast, ensure you research the host and their audiences before you sign-on.
  •  The greatest benefit of being a host or guest of a thought leadership podcast is the relationship you can build.

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