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Influencing Thought Leadership | Becky Robinson

Influencing Thought Leadership | Becky Robinson

Using Social Media to influence Thought Leadership

An interview with Becky Robinson about helping thought leaders publish their books and using social media to market it.

Today’s guest is Becky Robinson, the founder, and CEO of Weaving Influence, a company that helps authors and Thought Leaders build online influence. Her team helps authors and thought leader with creative and strategic ideas to market their books. Becky gives us tips on looking at the bigger picture when focusing your social media to promote a book. Also, she talks about investing time in marketing your message and how business online will create measurable results and impact. How you can leverage the larger platforms of people in your network, and why you should be giving your book away for free!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • How to measure the success of a Thought Leader’s book.
  • Why you might expect larger sales of a Thought Leadership book in year 2 than year 1.
  • Why you should focus on a single platform for your Thought Leadership.

New books should be strategically planned to generate leads, showcase your content, and promote your reputation. Do you want to launch an entire leadership platform? Check out what Thought Leadership Leverage can do to help you use the publication of the book to create that springboard.


Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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