Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 42 – Eric Lofholm

Peter Winick speaks with Eric Lofholm

In the world of training and the speed of technology it can become adapt or die.  When you make the move to digital with your content you have to ask a lot of questions.  What platform should you use?  How do you break your content down into bite size chucks?  And how do you create value in distance learning are just a few.
Eric Lofholm, International Master Sales Trainer and author of the best selling book “The System” joins Peter to discuss his journey from being one month away from being fired from his sales job to becoming one of the top sellers in just 60 days.  How he used his experience working with Tony Robbins to start his business, and what you should do when moving your training content to an online model.
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Peter Winick

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