Leveraging Thought Leadership With Peter Winick – Episode 112 – J.V. Crum III

Do you want to be a high performer, working in the big time and reaching your full potential? We bet you do!

J.V Crum III is called the “Conscious Millionaire Mentor.” He’s the host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast, author of the best-selling book “Conscious Millionaire, and our guest this week!

Peter and J.V. are big fans of podcasting, but it’s not the only media that works – and a wise thought leader knows how to make the most of multiple modalities for their content. In this episode, we discuss reasons to choose each format, which parts of your content can be repurposed for many modalities, and why learning new modalities is worth a little awkwardness and discomfort.

Plus, J.V. talks about how to get into a great work flow, and why you should block your time into “fast” and “slow” activities, and the 3 “whys” he asks every client – questions you should be asking yourself.

This is a must-listen episode! Be sure to stay tuned for the special gift from J.V. at the end!

With so many modalities to pick from, you might also find yourself overwhelmed with ideas. Our COO Bill Sherman talks about why sometimes you need to close the Idea Factory.

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