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Love from Thought Leadership | Moshe Engelberg

Love from thought leadership | Moshe Engelberg

Using love with thought leadership to increase business.

An interview with Moshe Engelberg about changing the way we think about business for a more positive and profitable outcome.

Today’s guest is Moshe Engelberg, the founder, and CEO of ResearchWorks and author of The Amare Wave.  The Amare Wave is an incredible book about breaking away from the old warlike paradigm in business to introduce love and outperform the completion.

Moshe explains the origin of the Amare Wave and the common things he found in a traditional business that made him realize the old ways were outdated.  He explains how business tradition had a warlike paradigm of terms like “Crush the competition” and “Killing it”. Then, Moshe discusses how we are creating a resentful environment for employees and clients. Later, he talks about what he did to change the predatory language of business.

In addition, Moshe goes on to talk about how brands that are loved tend to build loyalty with their clients and loyalty can quickly turn to profits!

Also, some might think love isn’t a suitable word in business, but who doesn’t want people to love their company? Join the Amare Wave and watch your profits soar!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • The paradigm of business is changing. Is your thought leadership changing with it?
  • Thought leadership can often include words like love that make people uncomfortable, so sometimes you need to be able to use other words to get the same point across.
  • If people come to love your thought leadership, they will be loyal to your brand, and that will result in increased profits.

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