Making Better Decisions Through Thought Leadership | Thomas Lahnthaler

Making Better Decisions Through Thought Leadership | Thomas Lahnthaler

Using thought leadership to make decisions in a crisis.

An interview with Thomas Lahnthaler about being prepared for tough choices in a crisis.

Great leaders have to handle tough situations. Inevitably, the time will come when you have to make a hard choice or deal with a crisis. Will you be prepared?

Our guest today is Thomas Lahnthaler, Founder and CEO of The Crisis Compass, an organization which teaches leaders and companies innovative and resource-based crisis management. We start our conversation by discussing the concept of risk and how it relates to Thought Leadership. Thomas explains that “crisis points” are inevitable, and the future is always unknown. We get through crisis points by being prepared, stepping up, and making choices, not by ignoring possible difficulties.

These crisis points are often a source of fear and tunnel vision, even for the best leaders. We tend to rely on assumptions, or feel as if a leader needs to take full responsibility and solve the problem alone. Thomas shares reasons why these assumptions can be dangerous, adding to the feeling of risk. He also addresses the way tunnel vision can be an advantage when specific insights are shared with others, adding a variety of focuses to your own point of view.

Preparing your organization to handle crises means teaching them to share ideas, have empathy, and work in teams that are deeply diverse. These are only a few of the ways Thomas suggests a great leader keep themselves ready for any crisis, and be in the best position to deal with difficulties as they arise.

Three Key Takeaways:
  • When aiding others through a crisis, your thought leadership needs to create comfort, establish solid choices, and avoid feeling overwhelmed by risk.
  • Exchanging ideas and perspectives is a great way to create thought leadership for crisis preparedness.
  • Thought Leadership helps others have smart conversations and create positive teamwork skills, and those habits can carry you through any crisis.

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