The Spiritual Mindset of Thought Leadership | David Weitzner

The Spiritual Mindset of Thought Leadership | David Weitzner

Bringing a Spiritual Mindset to the Workplace

An interview with David Weitzner about Connected Capitalism, the changing generational workforce, and the spiritual purpose of business.

Decades of economic principles have been written in stone, followed blindly by leaders and scholars alike. But, as with all things, stone erodes over time. Our guest today is ready to shatter the rock, and set minds free. Listen in!

Today, we’re honored to speak with David Weitzner, author of Connected Capitalism and Fifteen Paths.  David primarily identifies as a philosopher, but has spent time as a music industry executive, a professor of management, and has spent nearly two decades studying the philosophies that make our economic principals work. Now, he teaches at York University, where he advocates for co-creation, not management.

David shares with us some of his deep thoughts, explaining the meaning of the term “Connected Capitalism,” and how it differs from Conscience Capitalism or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). David also explains how Connected Capitalism offers a deeper sense of spiritualism and harmony; two traits which are often thought of as taboo in the modern business world – but traits that are helping today’s leaders break old boundaries and forge new paths..

In this episode, we discuss the generational shift in business, and how employees are concerned about staying true to their values as well as finding success in their careers. This move away from the old mindset of “chasing the dollar” will, over time, change many of the financial models and practices that have stood for decades.

This episode is full of philosophical, economical, and socially responsible advice that leaders and employees of any generation can put to use. It’s the cutting edge of financial thought leadership – and it’s all right here!

Three Key Takeaways:
  • People want Thought Leadership that answers big questions; ideas that will help them reopen, rebuild, or pivot their business for the pandemic and post-pandemic age.
  • Thought Leadership can be the key to helping decision-makers open their process to new voices – without creating chaos.
  • Can your thought leadership help employees find meaning in their work? Does it connect them into a society, and help them find a sense of wonder in their job?

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