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Opening – Helping Thought Leaders – Dropping Bombs Ep 217 – Peter Winick

What it is! Brad Lea back again with another episode of Dropping Bombs. Today, in the studio, folks, I have an intellect for you. Peter Winick. Welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Brad.

Man, it’s my pleasure.

And folks if you guys haven’t hear of Peter Winick, it’s usually because he’s behind the people you have heard of. He’s the guy that provides the deep expertise for people with deep expertise. He’s got a company called Thought Leadership
Leverage. I don’t know if that’s Inc. or what not but Thought Leadership Leverage would do. What he does is ultimately show business owners, subject matter experts, all kinds of people how to use thought leadership, which is you know, intellectual property, know how, knowledge. How to use it to A. Drive more business, drive more revenue, make more impact…etc. Would that be fair?

That would be more than fair.

How do you use it from one end of the spectrum to differentiate yourself, or your organization to build your brand. And then. It sort of splits there from the stand point of are you monetizing that content directly? I’m selling a program. Or are you monetizing your content indirectly. Meaning I’m using the content to get you, to attract you as a client and then I have other services, offerings, whatever, that I am selling. You know content is where it… You know, content to me is the great equalizer. Right. So most entrepreneurs can’t go head to toe from a financial perspective, from a brand perspective, from a resource perspective with a big entity. But you know, many of them are as smart or smarter than them. And if you can put the spotlight effectively on your content in thought leadership, you can compete quite effectively there.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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