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Books are Suppose to Lead to What? – Helping Thought Leaders-Dropping Bombs Ep 217-Peter Winick

Well, so the first thing again…it goes back to what I said before.  Who are you writing it for? You gotta get to those avatars. You got to get to the pain points. You got to get to what you’re doing. And what is the product roadmap? So if I buy a book from you for 20 bucks, that should not be the end of our relationship that should be the beginning of our relationship.

Yes. So now you have to think, “The books supposed to lead to what?”


And that’s…that’s  supposed to lead to what?


And then, pretty soon you have a whole freaking job. See. And what I want. I don’t want a job.

It ain’t easy.

Yeah, but I don’t want a job.

Well, you could quarterback it. And you can get people to help you with it. The other…The other piece is: I think people separate unnecessarily the church and state of business development and content development. So I would try to merge those two. So let’s say we know what the theme of the book is. It’s X. Well, now what we want to do is maybe interview 8 or 10 people that are as interesting or hopefully more than you, that have bigger followers than you, that also have something to say on that subject area. Depending on what it is.

And then include them in the book.

Yeah. Well, let’s go back to the CLO conversation we had a little while ago. Let’s say you’re gonna write a book to just show CLOs there’s a better mousetrap. So why not find 10 CLOs at the 50 biggest companies and say listen “I’m writing you know…I’ve got two conversations I can have with you. I’m Brad Lea and I’m the CEO Lightspeed. I’d like to sell you some shit. Good luck. Right? Or I’m Brad Lea. I’m a rock star. I’m a speaker. I’m this. I’ve got a book coming out in 2020 or 2021. And we’re talking about the frustrations that learning professionals have delivering the return that their boards and CEOs have. And here’s the other 10 people I’m interviewing. Would you like to take that call? And if you can’t turn that call which is a content creation call that’ll be a blurb or something in the book or a call out into a business development call you shouldn’t be in business. Bang!

Or you need a course to teach to learn how to do that.

Which I think we know where you can get one of those.

I don’t have one.

You don’t have one?

Do you?

Well, we should get one.

We should make one.

Okay. Let’s do that.

That’s what I said earlier.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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