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Organizational Thought Leadership Best of 2020 | Surya Kolluri, Nora Super, Luke Collins

Organizational Thought Leadership - Best of 2020 – Surya Kolluri – Nora Super – Luke Collins

A look back at a few of our favorite organizational thought leadership guests of 2020.

Enjoy a few clips from Surya Kolluri, Nora Super, and Luke Collins!

We continue to look back at 2020 this time with a focus on some of our favorite guests from our Organizational Thought Leadership series.

We kick things off with Surya Kolluri, the managing director at Bank of America.  Surya leads the thought leadership efforts for retirement and personal wealth business services. He shares how they are helping people lead better richer financial lives by training advisors on the financial challenges that various life stages present.

Next, Nora Super joins us. Nora is the Executive Director at Milken Institute, and the Executive Director of the Alliance to Improve Dementia Care at the Milken Institute. Nora discusses how convening authority helps thought leadership. She explains why bringing people from different areas and industries together to tackle a problem can have a huge impact.

Finally, we wrap up with Luke Collins, the Managing Director, and Global Editor-in-Chief at EY. Luke discusses how EY is changing the modalities in which they deliver content. He talks about how  they are reaching their customers in a method that will ensure a connection. Then, he adds how the first twenty seconds of your content is the most important.

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