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Peter Winick’s Introduction at the LightSpeed Conference

All right folks. This one is very important. The reason why I asked this next gentleman I’m gonna bring up to stage is because he basically has deep expertise in people that have deep expertise. His expertise is helping people with expertise, position their content to a bigger corporate market. Now and the reason why I wanted you guys to hear this is for one reason because there are a lot of companies out there that literally have huge training  budgets, but when we walk in with maybe a video like hey, I just, you know, again of course, a fully interactive course, training course is not the same thing as “Hey I’ve got a video”. So how do we make those videos? What kind of content do we need to create? What kind of things do they need to include? So and when you walk into a larger company that this is the kind of content they’re looking for. This is the type of things that they need it to have in order to actually make it past gate one. So his company helps thought-leaders, subject matter experts, authors, speakers, experts of all kinds, kind of take that content, and that that fame, that attention and package it up into educational based products. And not only that but his company also then, opens the doors and walks them into some of the top companies in the United States. But actually internationally. So if you guys want to learn, who wants to learn how to do that? Yes. So if you guys could put your hands together for my man, Mr. Peter Winick.

Can you all hear me? Thank you. So can we kick up the lights a little bit because I hear Brad talking about interactivity and I’m not seeing it. So I’d like for this to be a little more interactive. And I had…we have one or two guys in the back with mics? Okay. So it makes, also make my life easier if I don’t have to do all the talking. So I’m gonna throw some stuff out here. Please feel free to interrupt, shout out, questions, etc. Cool. All right there we go.

So first thing I want to do just sort of thematically today is get you all to question your assumptions. Because I think a lot of you have great expertise, a lot of you have great content, but. And this a big ‘but’. When it comes to developing that content and selling it into certain markets, there are assumptions that have been made that are flawed, which yield, which lead to to outcomes that are less than optimal. So for a couple of minutes, you now, as we’re spending some time today, just question them. You might be right. I’m not saying your assumptions are wrong but I think it’s good to have an open mind and questions the assumptions that are inherent in the content that you’ve got. Okay. So first off, a couple of assumptions we’re gonna talk about are things like what makes a speaker great. Right. Anybody want to throw something out there in terms of what makes a speaker great? “Good content!” said Patricia. Good. Yeah. Connection. Energy. Authenticity. Awesome. Cool. I agree with all those. It has nothing to do with what makes great content sellable in to the corporate market. So there needs to be a shift of what you’re doing here on the stage and what your content is representing to a corporate buyer.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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