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Results – Helping Thought Leaders-Dropping Bombs Ep 217-Peter Winick

So the question is: What was their desired outcome? They might not have cared if anyone’s trained. That might have been done for optics or prophylactically because maybe they got sued because somebody did something bad relative to diversity inclusion.

If you’re gonna spend that money why not get it done?

I would agree but you have to go backwards and say how do you measure that. I now have a population that I spent five million dollars on that’s more fluent and diversity and inclusion. I don’t know. Does it mean you’re… you’re hiring a more diverse audience, you’re not treating people with disrespect, or your…I don’t know what the metrics are but the proper way to do it is to say. You know the example that I always use is Jenny Craig is really easy. So here’s a Jenny Craig commercial. Shows a large person. Then, it says some time passed and there’s what’s left of that large person. They’re somewhat smaller. So it doesn’t take a lot to deduce the Jenny Craig is in the business of making big people less big. What’s your Jenny Craig? Right. So for diversity inclusion, the Jenny Craig might be I now think, believe, behave differently as it relates to diversity inclusion. I’m hiring people that don’t look like me. I’m hiring people that grew up in different countries from me. I’m hiring people that have a whole different view of the world than I do than I would have before. And unless you can figure out what it is and how to measure it then that guy should probably be fired. If they’re doing a job of that which we don’t know, then maybe he should be promoted.

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