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Science Based Validation and Assessments

When you say with assessments, giving some science based feedback. What do you mean by hiring scientists?

So I have people that work with this. I don’t really understand what they do. So they have PhDs and OD and they do statistical based validations. So if I’m going to say to you that I have a program on relationship development and the pillars of it are trust, authenticity, whatever. And under trust, I say, “How do I measure if someone’s trustworthy?” Whatever. It is a longer piece. Like what are the one of, what’s the competences underneath that. It better measure out because they’re…You know, we know, that when we say something weighs a pound, it weighs a pound. And the problem with assessments is you have to have the calibration which takes all sorts of testing and stuff to do. It’s…you can get away without it. Right. And where it comes to to bite you down the road. It’s when someone says “Oh, show me your technical report.” It’s usually some training wonk that like…grr, whatever. And then you don’t have it, and you’re done. So the trick is, if you skimp early, it will eventually come back to bite you.

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