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Consulting Solutions and Thought Leaders

For example, can you give and example of some of the products that are made for a comparable…range?

Yeah. Yeah so there’s a consulting solution. So we’ve done work in a lot of Fortune 50s. So basically the gist is…The keynote is not the loss leader. But the business model is we want to sell $10 for every……dollars on speaking. Right…. I’ve always felt like there are two types of speakers. There’s those that want to speak more and those that want to speak less. I’ve never met one that says, “Exactly whatever gigs I did last year was perfect.” It’s either too much or not enough. Maybe you guys just complain a lot.

(Laughter, joking around)

It’s going to be specific to that content but there could be consulting on it. So the good thing about consulting…that was not good things is that all of these large companies have been trained by the consulting firms. The Deloittes, McKinseys, etc… That before you get to a solution, you have to spend a ton of money on an organizational diagnostic. Even if we sort of think we know what the answer is. But I have to pay a whole bunch of people, a whole bunch of money to come in and diagnose it. Well it might as well be you. Right, to do that. It doesn’t mean you want to be a consultant but if you can codify your methodology in such a way that it could be deployed, where you’re doing quantitative interviews, and qualitative interviews. Be able to put together a nice executive summary deck. Go out there and say, “Hey this is what we heard. This is what we saw. By the way, the backend of that is we happen to have a whole bunch of things that can help you fix that. So consulting, video mixed learning systems, workshops. I like assessment tools because I’m a little bit dorky that way. Because once you build it once and you take it through the rigger to get it validated to make sure it actually does what it says, you sell the hell out of it. I mean it’s like Kaching Kaching!

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