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There is no I in product.


Hey there! It’s Peter Winick I’m the founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. And today, I wanted to talk to you about some of the struggles and challenges that authors, speakers, thought leaders, consultants, etc. have with regards to scaling, leveraging, and monetizing their thought leadership. Ultimately, it’s about productization.

So early on in some discovery calls or early in the relationship with a client, I’ll ask them so what is it they actually do? And typically, the answer will be something along the lines of I dot dot dot. I speak. I consult. I advise. I coach.

Well, the obvious piece to that, that is challenging to me, is that there is no ‘I’ in product. So, those are a series of things that someone, right, hopefully, that you get the right target market can pay you to do.

However, if you need to be in the room or in these days in the Zoom for both ideas to be exchanged and dollars to be exchanged, you don’t have anything that’s scalable. You have a practice.

So, I would start thinking about what is it that you can do to take, you know, your work five years worth of work, 10 years, 30 years worth of work and productize it in ways that are scalable. It could be anything from validated assessment instruments, video based training systems, consulting methodologies, and models that others can deploy.

But what is it that you can do so when someone asks you how do you get your work out into the universe, your first answer isn’t I dot dot dot? But it is: Ah I have a suite of products, offerings, and solutions that develop these capabilities or solve these problems in these type of organizations. And I also dot dot dot, speak, advise, consult, you know, on occasion with a select group of clients that need my help personally.

So anyway, would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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