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Thought Leader Development | Scott Miller

Thought Leader Development | Scott Miller

Developing thought leaders.

An interview with Scott Miller about developing thought leaders at Franklin Covey.

Today’s guest is Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey, the host of On Leadership with Scott Miller and co-author of Everyone Deserves a Great Manager.

This conversation focuses on how both Scott and Peter both work to develop and launch new thought leaders, they compare methods and tactics. We explore why defining your audience is the biggest challenge most thought leaders face. We talk about  how social media plays a massive role when looking to publish a book. Also, we explain why you need to know and understand who your competition is. In addition, we look at why it is important for a thought leader to focus on a niche and the smallest viable market.

This episode is chalked full of insight from two people with decades of knowledge on helping thought leaders find success. If you want a jump-start on your thought leadership career, this episode is for you.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought Leaders need to find and understand their audience. Your content can not be for everyone.
  • Social media has become a very important platform thought leaders need to cultivate if they want to get a book published.
  • Your content doesn’t have to be 100% new ideas. It is okay to stand on the shoulders of other thought leaders and expand the conversation.

Do you need help articulating your point of view to an audience? If you’re looking to further develop your thought leadership, contact Thought Leadership Leverage and we help you devise a strategy to move you forward.

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