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Agility for Business | Al Shalloway

Agility for Business | Al Shalloway

Using Thought Leadership to teach agility across an organization

An interview with Al Shalloway about using thought leadership to help organizations become leaner and more agile.

Today’s guest is Al Shalloway, Director of Thought Leadership for Agile at Scale Programs and Founder and former CEO of Netobjectives.

Al joins us to discuss how he is using thought leadership at the Project Management Institute to help teams and entire businesses learn to become more agile. He shares how to scale an idea into a movement, the importance of understanding value stream management, and why leaders need to be in the middle of the pack, not out in front of it.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders need to help teams to become more agile to help create a business that is agile.
  • Sometimes it is better for your thought leadership to focus on the part that the client needs to know and not overwhelm them with trying to take over everything.
  • Thought leaders need to step back and focus on the big picture in order to see the problem or they might find themselves solving a symptom and not the real problem.

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