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Using LinkedIn for Thought Leadership | JD Gershbein

Linkedin for Thought Leaders | JD Gershbein

How thought leaders can use LinkedIn for increased impact.

An interview with JD Gershbein about using LinkedIn, how we communicate, and authenticity.

Today, we are joined by JD Gershbein, the Founder and CEO of Owlish Communications, a company that helps clients build a strong online presence to achieve a distinctive and competitive edge.  JD is a TEDx speaker, LinkedIn expert on personal branding, and at one time a member of the Second City Improv group in Chicago!

JD takes us down his unusual path towards becoming the digital branding expert. We discuss his improv skills, which are still active every day in his current work.  In addition, we examine LinkedIn as a platform that has evolved from a job seeker site and career development, to business development. Notably, there is a LinkedIn function for the goals you have in career and business. With the evolution of LinkedIn, we have seen video become a prominent source of content. JD shares with us what you need to keep in mind when creating a video and well as how this could put your brand on the line if not done properly.

This is an insightful conversation for anyone looking to expand their LinkedIn profile or exploring video as a means of delivering their content.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders can use LinkedIn as a flexible platform that can change and grow with them.
  • Delivering your thought leadership by video requires a certain level of authenticity and production value.
  • Improvisation isn’t just a skill for the stage, thought leaders can develop it to have better conversations.

Are you using LinkedIn for thought leadership? Do you need help converting your conversation there to more business wins? Contact Thought Leadership Leverage and we can assist you!

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