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Using Data in Thought Leadership | Anthony J. Algmin | 219

Using Data for effective Thought Leadership.

How Data can be used for effective thought leadership.

An interview with Anthony J. Algmin about data leadership,publishing, and authorship.

Today we sit down with Anthony J. Algmin, Founder and CEO of Algmin Data Leadership.  Anthony is the author of Data Leadership: Stop Talking About Data and Start Making an Impact! Anthony shares his journey of starting his company, writing his book and how he uses data as a thought leader. He also discusses why creating a audio book is a useful tool when creating a book. We discuss reasons to revisit your own book now and whether you should hold back your IP or make it fully accessible.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Why Thought Leaders should make their IP accessible.
  • How revisiting your own book can give you a fresh look at your own Thought Leadership.
  • Why Thought Leaders need to understand the data they have and how it could be utilized.

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