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Thought Leadership for Digital Marketing | Mike Kleinemaß

Thought Leadership for Digital Marketing | Mike Kleinemaß

Using digital marketing to grow your thought leadership

An interview with Mike Kleinemaß about the growing changes to sales and taking advantage of digital channels and communications.

Today’s guest is Mike Kleinemaß, Digital Marketing & Communications Expert at ThyssenKrupp, a company that deals with engineering and construction of plant technology.

Mike discusses how he came into thought leadership while doing other research and how it fits into his role in digital marketing. Bill and Mike converse about the place of platforms like Linkedin in B2B sales. Then, they talk about why building a following and creating truly useful content for your prospective clients is important.

In addition, Mike speaks about the importance of building a relationship in which you are open and available to answering questions. He explains why you need to have conversations, and engage with your followership instead of just pushing out a message.

Mike helped create a task force at ThyssenKrupp and explains how that came to be. He discusses the purpose of this task force. And explains why those involved need to understand their value within the organization and the impact they have.

As a digital marketing and growth expert, Mike shares some incredible knowledge that can be applied to any company or organization seeking to understand how to be successful in the digital space.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • As more digital transformations happen, thought leaders need to understand the new journey their customers will undertake.
  • Thought leaders can gain a great deal of insight from examining the analytics of their social media and website. That information can be used to create targeted sales strategies.
  • Becoming a thought leader for your organization will mean understanding the purpose and goals of the company, then building a strategy to convey that to the right people.

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