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Thought Leadership for Remote Teams | Larry English

Thought Leadership for remote teams | Larry English

Using thought leadership to help organizations transition to a remote workforce.

An interview with Larry English about how he using 20 years of experience working with remote teams to help other organizations successfully make that transition.

Today’s guest is Larry English, president, and co-founder of Centric Consulting, a management consulting firm that guides organizations through complex digital business and technology problems. Also, Larry has recently written Office Optional, a timely book about moving from the office to remote working.

Larry explains how his book was in the works before COVID-19. He discusses what it is like to have a company that has been working virtually for 20 years. As well as, how they have cultivated a positive work culture and how they are teaching others to do the same.

We talk about the issues employees face when starting to work remotely. These issues include things like finding a work/life balance, managing the freedom of not being in an office, and avoiding disconnects between team members and even the organization.

We end the discussion conversing about understanding how a book can play into your business and why some actions that are important to do won’t have a measurable ROI.  Then, we consider why producing content can give you an edge on your competition.

This is a great episode for anyone working in or managing an organization moving from onsite to virtual offices.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought Leadership will play a huge part in maintaining the culture of an organization during the move to remote working.
  • Not all thought leadership will have a hard ROI, yet the importance of your content will be immense.
  • Thought Leaders should consider the breadth of their content and how it will play into the future of how people work and live.

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