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Coaching with Thought Leadership | Roger Connors

Using thought leadership to create an organization full of coaches

Using thought leadership to create an organization full of coaches

An interview with Roger Connors about writing his first book, having a successful exit from his business, and the strategy that everyone can be a coach.

Today’s guest is Roger Connors, chairman and co-founder of Zero to Ten. He is the best-selling author of Fix It, Change the Culture, Change the Game, and his upcoming book Get a Coach, Be a Coach. Roger co-founded of Partners in Leadership before having a successful exit.  He is also one of the top organizational cultural professionals in the world.

Roger shares with us how his first book turned into a tipping point for his business to be a break out success. We discuss the lessons learned while building Partners in Leadership and the steps it took for him to successfully exit the company.

In addition, Roger talks about his new book Get a Coach, Be a Coach. He explains how the average person has ten coach ready skills. Finally, we talk about how to get the best out of those skills and coaches as well as the technology needed.

If your organization is seeking coaches, you might be surrounded by them and not even know it! This is a great episode for anyone looking for or looking to become a coach for their organization.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • If a thought leader wants to be able to exit their business, then it needs to be based around models and not your name and charisma.
  • The average person has ten coach ready skills and most skills take fifteen minutes or less!
  • Thought Leaders using digital solutions need to help organizations adopt a culture that can use it, not just teach them the ins and outs of the software.

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