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Thought Leadership in AI and Robotics | Jen Cohen

Thought Leadership in AI and robotics | Jen Cohen

Using thought leadership guide the process of AI and automation production.

An interview with Jen Cohen about the processes used in developing AI and robotics at Toyota to benefit society and helping others find their Ikigai.

Today’s guest is Jen Cohen the Vice President of Engineering at the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). Jen has over twenty years of technology and operations leadership experience that she uses to make technology work for business.

Also, Jen shares how her work at TRI is helping to strengthen the research structure that is developing technology that amplifies humans.  In addition, this technology allows people to age in place.  People can continue to enjoy their lives with the aid of AI and robotics without replacing the human aspect.

After that, Jen discusses the ever-important need to create processes in the development stage that will guide a project to completion. With 50% of IT projects failing, she understands the need to have effective change agents in place. She explains how it is never wise to take shortcuts in development.

A reason for being

During our discussion of what successful thought leadership means to Jen, she shares the concept of Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning “A reason for being.”  We chat about how our lives feel most fulfilled when we incorporate work that we love. Then, we discuss how TRI is helping people to achieve their Ikigai.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought Leaders can include various forms of automation in their work. The key is to ensure it enhances the human experience and does not replace the human.
  • When developing processes for anything, thought leadership should look at the end goal.  Then, ensure the steps to get there are developed early and nothing is skipped.
  • Ikigai is a great concept for thought leaders. Finding ways to help others live their best life by doing work they love will increase the productivity and satisfaction of clients.

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  1. ‘Human Amplification’ is such a powerful way to think about robotics, and makes sense when you see EMPATHY being prioritized so intensively. Great podcast!

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