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Virtual Thought Leadership Speaking | Dan Lier

Virtual thought leadership speaking | Dan Lier

Maintaining thought leadership speaking during a pandemic.

An interview with Dan Lier about the speaking industry and how traditional stage speakers can move to be successful in a virtual setting.

Today’s guest is Dan Lier. He is the best-selling author of The 10 Minute Coach and Is Your Child Wired for Success. Dan is a sales and leadership expert, and internationally recognized motivational speaker. He has the experience of presenting over 3,500 customized talks to companies around the globe.

Selling your service as a speaker means serving two masters.

Dan explains why you need to satisfy both the event planner that hired you and the attendees of the event.  Then, we discuss the competitive market and the things you need to provide to stand out. Also, we talk about why having video content is of the utmost importance.

Over the last year, speakers have had to make incredible changes to the way they sell, attend, and deliver keynotes. In addition, Peter and Dan discuss how pricing has changed. They explain the skills you need for success on camera, and what you can do to add value to your virtual speaking.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • Thought leaders must be aware of the needs of both the buyer and attendee of keynote speeches in order to truly be successful.
  • Delivering thought leadership digitally means having to be charismatic in a box, and that takes practice.
  • You can add value to virtual speaking engagements by adding on additional training of your thought leadership in workshops after the event.

If you need a strategy to bring your thought leadership to market, Thought Leadership Leverage can assist you! Contact us for more information. We can help you implement book launches, marketing, research, sales and other aspects so you can devote yourself to what you do best.

Peter Winick has deep expertise in helping those with deep expertise. He is the CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Visit Peter on Twitter!

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