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Evergreen Ideas in Thought Leadership | Org TL Minute


A few days ago, I spoke with an senior executive who asked, “Does our organization have the right ideas driving our thought leadership message?” He was concerned about the company sounding out-of-touch or worse yet—self-serving—in today’s environment. If you curate your organization’s thought leadership, then it’s worth checking on the relevance of your ideas.

  • Are these ideas good for my organization? Do they truly align with the organization’s current business objectives and strategy? If not, there’s a critical disconnect.
  • Are these ideas good—truly good—for my client or customer? Help people see a new opportunity or solve a problem that matters to them.
  • Finally, are these ideas good for your community, ecosystem, or the world as a whole?

Relevant ideas create impact.

But ideas can fall out of step with the world. Review their relevance. Both with routine checkups and especially during times of change.

What are you doing to make sure your organization’s ideas remain relevant today?

Does your organization have evergreen ideas driving your thought leadership message?  Do you need help aligning them to your business strategy?  Contact Thought Leadership Leverage to help you.

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