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Honesty in Thought Leadership | Brandon Steiner

Honesty in Thought Leadership | Brandon Steiner

Today’s guest is Brandon Steiner, the founder of the Steiner Agency and Collectible Exchange, and host of the Unplugged Podcast.  Also, Brandon is the author of You Gotta Have Balls and The Business Playbook. He is a sports marketer, renowned motivational speaker and creator of the Everything Bagel!

Brandon shares how he actually created the Everything Bagel in 1973, before starting Steiner Sports where he represented athletes for speaking engagements and corporate appearances. Brandon talks about how the blog he started opened the door to become a speaker and author. He explains how he is open and honest, which might not always be pretty but creates a close connection with the audience. He explains about how you have to walk the walk and talk the talk when you’re out there speaking.  In, addition he discusses how thought leaders should set an example and be honest in thought leadership.

We also discuss how Brandon branched out from his sports crowd to join the McKay Group to grow as a speaker and author.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Thought leaders need to create content for their audience to get to know them and trust their voice.
  • Thought leadership should be truthful and transparent, even when it shows the hardships of your journey.
  • If you thought leadership encourages others to grow and change, you need to be able to grow and change as well.

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